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Do you still collect Krystonia? Do you have any interesting photos or stories? Email me at! I am paticularly interested in older Krystonia catalogs and "The Phargol Horn" newsletters and would love to scan them in for the archive.

Many thanks to my friend Anita Bradley for her invaluable assistance in putting together photos and piece info!

12/30/17 - Scanned in some new Phargol Horns

12/6/16 - Started taking all new photos from my personal collection. Also contemplating a redesign to make things more accessiable and searchable!

01/15/16 - Created Krystonia Checklist in Excel format. English pieces only!

01/14/16 - Added scans of the Collectors Club items: 2007 Steppin Out "Card", 2012 Flyer Page 1, 2012 Flyer Page 2, 2012 Flyer Page 3.

01/13/16 - More redesigns and LOTS of updated photos.

10/11/15 - Complete redesign of site!

10/9/15 - Added initial page for Phargol Horn newsletters.

07/09/14 - Added information about Krystonia Replacement Krystals (aka Krystonia Replacement Crystals).

06/29/14 - General updates of photos and work on cleaning up the checklist. Added more information on "Krystonia Values".

05/24/14 - Started uploading pics of the Chinese Pieces. Tried to make a somewhat complete checklist. There is a serious lack of information out there and nobody really sells Krystonia anymore. The stores I contacted have no catalogs or info.

12/10/2013 - Cleaned up the flyers page. As much as I don't like them, I added some initial info on the Chinese Pieces anyway.
11/30/2013 - Added photo of a oddly painted early Grunch. (Front) (Back) - Note the larger Krystal than usual!
11/29/2013 - Added a bunch of random photos from around the internet: Big Map, Krystonia Scroll, Kazahk, Myzer, Mugrahs, Kitchen.
05/06/2013 - Added photo of Lands Of Krystonia #601, complete with all 18 of the miniatures (only 10 actually fit!)
03/23/2013 - Updated the flyers page with a lot of new info
02/28/2013 - Added photo of the ultra-rare original staff for N'Borg 1092!
02/24/2013 - Updated a bunch of the miniature photos. Added picture of One Unhappfy Ride button. Added some more brochures. I've obtained some really cool items that I will be posting shortly!
11/11/2012 - Rare 1703 Small Rueggan with two krystals instead of a book.
11/08/2012 - Found an old polaroid of me at the South Bend, Indiana show (where they retired the first 3 pieces). I manned the Krystonia booth with Dave and Pat. N'chakk lives! If you look closely at the bottom of the photo you can see a red/purple 2501 Tulan.
11/07/2012 - check out this fake Krystonia 1107! I vaguely remember these things popping out around 1991 when Krystonia was at it's peak. Panton was NOT happy about these. They ended up selling them themselves in 2001.
11/01/2012 - I ordered a couple copies of the Krystonia books so I can scan in the artwork, and have also located some old Krystonia catalogs that will be scanned in as well. I also added a new page with some photos of various Krystonia Flyers.
10/27/2012 - I've finished locating photos for all the Krystonia pieces. There are a couple buttons I couldn't find an image of, but will eventually. I also split the checklist into pages sorted by year/category and laid it out a bit differently. I eliminated the individual pages for now so the card descriptions aren't there, but those will be added later.